My name is Michele and I love to bake. Everything in my baking world starts with my two favorite ingredients; butter & sugar. That combination is the most perfect form, savory & sweet, creamy & finger lickin’ good! I could just stop all my baking right at the beginning & just enjoy the simplistic combination of flavors in those two ingredients. It brings pure joy to my lips. This blog will chronicle my journey of creating everything in the baking & pastry arts world.

it starts!
For me, it really all started when I was about 8 & I got an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas. So crazy to think that I could sit on the carpeted floor of my bedroom & “bake” a cake in this classic contraption. Those tiny molded chocolate delights were always rolling through that conveyor belt under that hot light bulb that actually cooked my batter. Those were the beginning seeds to my love of baking. From that day forward, I baked away & always with butter & sugar.






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  1. Hi Michele,

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