icebox cake (for the non baker)

cookies & cream icebox cake
I made an icebox cake not long ago. It was my first & was super easy & pretty tasty. I will try it again sometime with different cookies-maybe even homemade ones, gasp! For this particular cake, I used those Nabisco “famous chocolate wafers” that come in a single row package. The recipe is on the package. But from memory (I think it’s still pretty sharp,) this is what I did.

It’s pretty simple. Make some whipped cream. Please do this from scratch, it’s super simple, really.

2 pints heavy whipping cream
2 tablespoons of sugar (or more if you’re like me!)
1 tablespoon good vanilla

Whip it up so that it’s really thick.

Open up your wafers package, *you can also use oreos, chocolate chip cookies, graham crackers, whatever kind of cookie tickles your fancy. I imagine you can even add a little liquer to the mix if you feel so inclined.

Spread the whipped cream on each wafer & make a row of wafers glued to each other with the cream.

icebox cake

I made two cakes, one for work & a small one for home. I can’t let my boys down.

mini icebox cake

Use the remaining whipped cream to cover the wafers completely & make it look cake-like.



Cover & put in the freezer. Leave it there overnight.

This is when the magic happens. The cookies soften up & it becomes this moist cake & in this case, a cookies & cream flavored cake. Easy peasy.



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