the land of sugar

a bit like willy wonka’s (I’d like to imagine it anyways)
This past weekend I went for an overnight sail with my sailor captain boyfriend. We set sail out of Tiburon in the San Franicsco Bay & headed north inside the bay to the tiny town of Benicia. In the car this trip would take roughly 45 minutes. But by boat… a tad longer… like 4 HOURS to get there.

On the way to Benicia, it was a sunny warm day. I had no idea that this scrumptious facility was just nearby. C&H SUGAR!

I think I need a tour. No really.


It was a lovely sail & stay. We dined that night at Sailor Jack’s & spent the night on the boat. The Benicia marina is really nice & the people were friendly.

Coming home yesterday was… crazy windy. I knew it would be a different trip from the one on the way over, no relaxing-lounging type-of-sail. BUT, windy makes for good sailing. Fighting fierce winds & having to tack a million times makes for a long sail. The last 45 minutes I manned the helm. It was hard work with the wind gusting up to 20 knots, but hovering around 14-15. I can’t imagine doing that for the other 5 hours like my captain did. The trip took roughly 6 hours, maybe even longer. I was tired when I went to bed. My legs were tired. I suppose this will be good exercise for when I start pastry school (In January.) There will be a lot of standing for sure.

My maiden overnighter. I survived, & it was really fun. Now I need a sugar tour & some samples! Only this time I’ll drive there, thank you. 😉


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