big fat announcement

follow your dreams
This past Friday morning towards the end of my four & a half mile run (cough cough, walk… whatever) my phone rang. The name read Jessica. I knew I had to answer this call. Jessica works for the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, the real CIA, and I’d been bugging her about when I would hear if the admissions folks were going to accept me as a student this winter in the baking & pastry arts program. It’s a 21 month program & I’ve been on pins & needles waiting for some word.

I stopped my run, unplugged my headphones & said hello.

“Hi, Michele. I just wanted to let you know that you’ve been accepted into the program, AND, we are giving you a $4500 scholarship.”

“Are you serious?” I asked. Of course they were.

I told her she made my day, well, actually, my weekend… my life! I can’t begin to tell you how exciting this is for me. To be able to pursue my passion of baking & become a pastry chef… I’m beyond words. So excited!!!

the culinary institute of america, greystone, st. helena (in the beautiful napa valley)



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