recycled frosting

I can’t think of any better combination than butter & sugar. Frosting is the epitome of that combo. I always make my own frosting now. It is so much better than anything you are going to buy in the stores  & it’s super easy to make.

I recently made some cupcakes for fun. It’s always for fun. I like to spoil my kids & coworkers & it satisfies my need to create in the kitchen. I sort of don’t care about the cupcakes themselves. I’m more excited to make the frosting. Why? So I can lick the bowl. Um… can you spot the crazed sugar-rushed nut in the kitchen?
That’s me!

Recently I made some cream cheese frosting.


I know. This does not look like cream cheese frosting. But it is. I just used the jar from the talenti gelato, which in case you’ve never tried, I highly recommend you do.  You can find it at regular supermarkets & they are less expensive than the specialty stores that sell them. The Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup is the bomb. Frankly you can’t go wrong with any of their flavors. I’ll even forgive you for eating straight out of the container & consuming at least half if not more. It’s hard to stop. The jars are great for reusing & for storing leftover frosting. I take a hit just about everyday.

♥ Get the recipe from Martha Stewart here.




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