it’s gettin’ sticky

rice krispie treats
My most favorite, super easy treat to make, is rice krispie treats. Simple and delicious. I don’t need to tell you the recipe. We all know it, some of us by heart. But I will share with you the secret to the best-tasting-krispie-treats ever. Yes, mine. I bet you can guess—it’s the butter! I use a full cube. That is one half cup of butter. I have always thought the 3 tablespoons the recipe requires was kinda chintzy. I think I use even more marshmallows than the recommended amount. I just use the whole bag, no measuring needed. That’s why this is so simple to make.

Melted butter & marshmallows…mmm, that’s sugar you know. Butter & sugar — the perfect combination.

melted marshmallows

Okay, you can go ahead & throw in the cereal, if you really have to. Kinda delish all on its own though.

The way I like to eat them?… straight out of the pan, still kinda warm & buttery.
Tastes totally different than when they are cool, marshmallowy & sugary.

krispietreat in hand

So now you know how to make the best tasting rice krispie treats EVER. You’re welcome.




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